The Perfect LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Demo

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Madrid, Espana

A couple of days ago, Carlos Hernandez (of Dos Abrazos/ and I did a Demo with a client here in Madrid, Spain and the flow of the whole meeting illustrates perfectly the power of the Lego Serious Play Methodology:

  • We met the HR contact and he brought us straight to a small meeting room
  • While we were still doing the niceties and the small talk, I took out the small exploration bags of Lego, opened them and put them on the table
  • Without having previously talked about the the methodology and while still doing the small talk, our contact started playing with the bricks and launched straight into the building of a model so we stopped talking and watched
  • When finished building he intuitively started to explain what he had built. It was a specific metaphor for a work situation
  • We instinctively asked questions about the model, he provided feedback and along the way he made some changes to the model.

After that we didn’t need to “sell” the methodology because he got it in 5 minutes, on his own, with no prompts. The rest of the meeting was a brainstorming session around possible meetings / situations where he can use it.

This clearly illustrates how accessible  and powerful a tool Lego Serious Play is. The work is obviously in designing, planning and carrying out workshops with larger groups and more complex objectives to achieve the desired results but having tool that is so simple and yet so powerful is half the work.

Isn’t time you tried a demo too?



Madrid, Spain.

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