Simple Example of the Lego® Serious Play® Methodology in a Meeting


Lego Serious Play, Considiom, Madrid

Lego Serious Play, Considiom, Madrid

Want to hear a simple example of how Lego® Serious Play® can be used to change the dynamic of meeting or an event?

Just before Christmas, together with Eventhropology, we organized a Lego® Serious Play® session en Barcelona for a sales team in the IT sector. The participants were presented new products throughout the morning and we were hired to close the meeting just before lunch.

The objectives were simple: a) close the session with a “serious fun” activity and at the same time b) ensure that the sales team left, focusing specifically on the value added aspects of the products in question when pitching to customers.

We came up with a 90 minute script to meet these objectives and thanks to some excellent facilitation by Luciana Leveratto, the event was a great success.

Here is feedback from the person running the logistics at the meeting:

“The truth is that they came out of a very intense 2 hour meeting and were overloaded and a little tired and had no idea of what was coming up next. They had their coffee break and thought they were coming back to the room for more of the same. They asked what’s next and I jokingly replied “Play”!”

“The truth is when they saw the table had been cleared of PCs and notepadas and that they now had Lego® bricks in front of them, their eyes light up like little children”

“I was really impressed to see +50-year-olds in bussiness suits, completely engrossed in the Lego® building – trully incredible!”

“As a group, they too seemed to be impressed by their own efforts and how easily they were interlacing imagination and reality.”

“It was “relaxed play” with no pressure but at the same time there was an important and clear message being hammered home. They discussed their clients’ perceptions of their products and the perception of their competetirs.”

“Actually, just after the session, over drinks just before lunch, the only subject of conversation was the “game” they had just played!”

“I personally was very impressed with the results”

These comments reflect how versatile, accessible and creative the methodology is and how when it is well scripted and executed, it can add a big impact to a meeting or an event.


Considiom, Madrid.

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