What does your team want for Christmas?

My 8 year old daughter knows what she wants for Christmas. Her letter to Santa doesn’t just say «Toys» or «Games». It has a level of detail that leaves little room for error or disappointment and more importantly, when Santa sees the list he knows exactly what needs to be done.

What’s this got to do building better teams?

Even before I start a session with a team that wants to improve they way they work together, I can make up a list of things that they are going to throw back at me.  Their list usually includes things like:

  • Share More Information
  • Align Objectives
  • Build Trust
  • Communicate Better
  • Listen More
  • Build Bridges

What can Santa do with this? Very little!

Getting a team to this point is one thing but getting the team itself to turn these wishes into deliverable, executable and measurable actions and steps is where the real work starts and is where teams truly start to become a better team. Each one of these wishes has multiple possible solutions and the teams needs to find them,  select them and give them owners and due dates. Then develop, test and implement them. Only then will they turn wishes into progress and change.

It’s about doing things, not making wishes!

What does your team want for Christmas?






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