Sealed Air Diversey Care – Building a Vision for Change with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Photo of Company Vision for 2014

Considiom understood our objectives clearly from the outset and facilitated a creative and dynamic session in which we jointly built our vision for Transformation. We had a vision and we know have a clear road map to get there”

Last month Luciana Leveratto and I teamed up to run an LSP session with 80 people in Barcelona and yet again it was a great success and an example of how effective LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can be.

Company: Sealed Air Diversey Care

Sector: Sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions. Food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection.

Number of participants: 80 / International /  Transversal Management Team

Background: Sealed Air Diversey Care has just launched an ambitious and far reaching internal Transformation project and in January of this year they organised a 3-day European Transformation Summit with the objective of aligning objectives into one consolidated vision for 2014/2015. The event had already had a visual flavour to it with the company clearly opting for an innovative and participative approach with dynamic speed- workshops, a visual theme for the event and the use of story boarding and visual meetings via Connecting Brains

Lego Serious Play Session Objective: The LSP session came right in the middle of the event when participants had already started to take in key messages and the overall approach and objectives and our session was designed specifically to:

1)      Create an opportunity for the international team to bond and work together more closely

2)      To turn the approach and objectives presented during the previous days into a vision for where the company will be by the end of 2014

Approach: The 80 participants worked simultaneously in groups of 8 answering specific challenges, starting with individual models to encourage networking and knowledge sharing and then step by step they moved through the skills required to lead change towards a consolidated group model of their vision for 2014. Several tables presented their full story and others added what they thought had not been covered and by the end of the session there was a tangible air of “this is where we all want to be in 12 months and this is really achievable”.

Result: Barriers were broken and participants forged new relationships. A positive aligned vision for 2014 was built and shared by all, and most importantly it was unanimously agreed that it was 100% achievable.  Clear success metaphors were created and even after the event participants are making reference to these images in their internal correspondence. I also particularly liked the energy and the buzz in the room as participants not only focussed on their tables but were really keen to see other models develop and to hear their stories.

Considiom, Madrid.


The Perfect LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Demo

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Madrid, Espana

A couple of days ago, Carlos Hernandez (of Dos Abrazos/ and I did a Demo with a client here in Madrid, Spain and the flow of the whole meeting illustrates perfectly the power of the Lego Serious Play Methodology:

  • We met the HR contact and he brought us straight to a small meeting room
  • While we were still doing the niceties and the small talk, I took out the small exploration bags of Lego, opened them and put them on the table
  • Without having previously talked about the the methodology and while still doing the small talk, our contact started playing with the bricks and launched straight into the building of a model so we stopped talking and watched
  • When finished building he intuitively started to explain what he had built. It was a specific metaphor for a work situation
  • We instinctively asked questions about the model, he provided feedback and along the way he made some changes to the model.

After that we didn’t need to “sell” the methodology because he got it in 5 minutes, on his own, with no prompts. The rest of the meeting was a brainstorming session around possible meetings / situations where he can use it.

This clearly illustrates how accessible  and powerful a tool Lego Serious Play is. The work is obviously in designing, planning and carrying out workshops with larger groups and more complex objectives to achieve the desired results but having tool that is so simple and yet so powerful is half the work.

Isn’t time you tried a demo too?



Madrid, Spain.

La Demo Ideal de LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Madrid, Espana

Hace un par de días, Carlos Hernández (de Dos Abrazos – y yo hicimos una presentación / demo de Lego Serious Play con un cliente aquí en Madrid y me gustó mucho como se desarrolló la reunión porque ilustra muy bien lo potente que es esta metodología:

  • Saludamos a la persona de RRHH y directamente pasamos a una pequeña sala de reuniones
  • Mientras nos estábamos saludando y hablando de todo menos de trabajo, fui poniendo las bolsitas de Lego sobre la mesa y las abrí. Sin decir nada y sin hablar previamente de la metodología, la persona empezó a tocar las piezas y a construir, de forma totalmente espontánea
  • Al terminar pasó intuitivamente a la siguiente fase, contarnos lo que representaba su modelo. Era una metáfora sobre algo relacionado con su trabajo
  • Hicimos unas cuantas preguntas sobre el modelo, él dio unas cuantas aclaraciones e hizo un par de cambios al modelo como resultado de nuestras preguntas.

Después de todo eso, no nos hizo falta “vender” la metodología. Él mismo lo experimentó y lo vio claramente con un ejemplo personal y sencillo. A los 10 minutos estábamos buscando situaciones donde aplicarlo con grupos más grandes y ante situaciones más complejas.

Todo eso ilustra lo accesible, lo fácil y lo potente que es esta herramienta. La labor está en diseñar y llevar a cabo talleres con grupos más grandes tratando temas más complejos para lograr los objetivos deseados.

¿Te apetece pobarlo tambien? ¿Organizamos una demo gratuita?

Un Saludo,


Madrid, España.