Ganadores Reto Metáfora 2012 / Winner Metaphor Challenge 2012

Aquí las imágenes ganadoras del Reto Metáfora 2012 / The winning photos for the Metpahor Challenge 2012.

Ganador / Winner: Iñigo / @ivinos

50€ va al ONG Brinzal / 50€ goes to the NGO Brinzal

Segundo / Second: Mil gracias por el esfuerzo Joaquin – casi! / thanks for your effort Joaquin – nearly!

Tercero / Third: Orla – Mil gracias por este obra maestro! Orla – thanks for this masterpiece!

Same again next year! en Madrid, España.



Be creative and 200€ for the charity of your choice if you win

We want to put concept that we are all creative to the test and prove we can all build metaphors! At the same time we want make our annual charity donation.

So here’s what you do:

  • Build something visual (NO WORDS) that expresses either your New Year’s Resolution or what you wish for your family and friends in 2012
  • Use any objects you can find or have near you. Just look around you!
  • Be original, be funny, be serious, be different – but be creative!
  • Once you have built it, take a photograph of it (or several if needed) and send it to Keep the file sizes small!
  • If you wish, in your email you may briefly describe the metaphor – but NO WORDS in the photo! One metaphor per person only!
  • All photos must be received by the 31st January 2012

Our part of the deal is as follows:

  • For every photo we get will pay 1€ to charity  up to a limit of 200€
  • The most creative / original metaphor wins and the person who sent the winning photo decides the charity we give the money to (don’t worry – we will provide proof of payment!)
  • We decide the winner but we will share some of the best ones we receive and are open to comments and feedback
  • If anyone else (individual or company) wants to sponsor a charity donation prize for 2nd and 3rd place too then of course feel free!
  • You allow us to post some or all the photos you send us in our blog / Facebook / Twitter.

We are all creative so get creative! Spread the word because we really want to pay the full 200€ and not less!

And by way of help… some examples.