What are you afraid of?

A few months back we were hired to do a Lego Serious Play (LSP) workshop with a team of 20 people in a large financial services company in Madrid. The HR department received two proposals from us – one more traditional in its approach and the other a 100% LSP workshop.

Despite a strong  «warning» from HR – “we have never done this type of training before and we are not sure about it…” – the manager had a specific need, had tried other methods and thus opted for something different. Here are the results.

I quote this example often in training when talking about fears. While we all rationally understand the concept of having to do something different to get different results, more often than not we fall back on our inbreed fears (the unknown, failure, judgement etc…) and these limit our ability to take risks and so we either play safe or fool ourselves we are taking risks by packaging what we have always done in a different way.

Firstly, trying something different to get different results requires taking risks and strategic risk taking is fundamental to effective leadership.

Secondly, without an element of fear there is no challenge, and it is only through challenge that we learn effectively and this is as valid in the training room as it is in personal development.

Considiom, Madrid.