Using Lego® Serious Play® to Make Talks Participative

Last week we made nice use of Lego® Serious Play® to make a motivational talk more participative and to make the key messages stick.

The client objective was to motivate and inspire the board of directors in the face of difficult challenges and changes in the year to come. At the same time the client wanted them to a) be involved in the process and b) take ownership and responsibility of the necessary behavioural changes needed to inspire and lead change, both at an individual and group level.

We considered several options including a 100% Lego Serious Play workshop but in the end we opted for a hybrid.

We worked together with the speaker Carlos Hernández of Dosabrazos and came up with a script for a 5 hour session where he delivered key messages related to motivation and optimism and we punctuated each point with both individual and group models.

By way of an example we made them reflect on the importance of having dreams and objectives and the need to start building them now. We then reinforced this point with Lego® Serious Play® models representing  what they would like people to say about them and their legacy in the company the day they retire.

My legacy in the Company via Lego Serious Play

Over the 5 hours there were 6 building challenges in total culminating in a group model  at the end to make the importance of their collective actions clear and tangible.

The feedback was very positive. Apart from enjoying the «serious play» aspect of the exercises and the sharing of stories, one of the points made was that it was great to be able to take in and process bite-sized pieces of information and then immediately build and turn them into something tangible. Typically key note speeches or motivational talks give you a lot of food for thought which is great but they don’t focus on how you process and reflect on the concepts.

It is definitely a combination we will be repeating.

Considiom, Madrid.



No Dejes de Mover – Don’t Stop Moving

Es cuesta arriba pero lo peor que puedes hacer es parar de mover. Cuesta el doble arrancar de nuevo.

“Porque el que sea dañado será el que se quede parado… Porque los tiempos están cambiando” – Bob Dylan.

It’s uphill but the worst thing you can do is stop moving. Its twice as hard to get going again.

“For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled … For the times they are a-changin’” – Bob Dylan.

Considiom Uphill all the Way