Feliz 2015 – Happy 2015

Considiom Feliz 2015 - Happy 2015

Feliz 2015 – Happy 2015

Para el 2015 Considiom te desea 12 meses de Buena Salud, Progreso Continuo, Ideas Creativas y Inspiradoras, Nuevos Proyectos, Buenas Amistades, Sinergias Constructivas y Juego Serio!

In 2015 Considiom wishes you 12 months of Good Health, Continuous  Progress, Creative and Inspiring Ideas, Good Friendships, New Projects, Constructive Synergies and  Serious Play!

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Inverting The Logic – Child’s Play

We drove by some roadwork’s today and they were digging up the road. My 4 year old daughter asked:

-What are they doing? Looking for treasure?

I quickly answered:

-Yes. Maybe. They might be pirates!

She responded:

-They might be burying treasure!

Her first interpretation of the situation is pure fantasy. Her second statement is a great example of how to invert logic. Both are perfect examples of what we need to do as adults to provoke creative solutions and ideas.

If only it were as easy for us adults! I may just have to bring my daughter to the next brainstorming session I facliitate!

Considiom, Madrid.

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Pros and cons – Idiom / All mod cons – Idiom

Just a coincidence, but curious….

Today I was searching on Google for considiom and www.considiom.com and I found it amusing that in the middle of all the mentions of the company name there were a couple other entries, namely:

  • Pros and cons – Idiom
  • All mod cons – Idiom

Both are dictionary items and both are idiomatic expressions (idiom) ending with «cons» so Google thinks considiom.

Pure coincidence, and incidentally not where the name Considiom came from.




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