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Making LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Apostles – Case Study – Banking

Pensando con las manos con Lego Serious Play

“I  appreciate all the work and effort you put into today’s session with my team. It was without doubt original and innovative and above all, it fulfilled my objectives. You can consider me to be a Lego Serious Play apostle and I will do all I can to recommend your methodology to both teams in my company and indeed to other companies, should the opportunity arise.”

This is specific feedback from the manager of a team of 15 people following an 8 hour Lego Serious Play workshop we did recently.

Sector: Financial / Banking

Workshop Objectives:

  • Based on the overall company objectives, identify personal objectives for each team member
  • Align the individual objectives so that they become common team objectives for 2012
  • Identify all the obstacles to reaching the 2012 objectives
  • Find solutions to the main obstacles
  • Brainstorm how the team can improve its overall performance
  • Unite and strengthen the team and develop closer relationships and ties between its members


  • We built a workshop exclusively around Lego Serious Play – working with both individual and group models
  • We also combined the model building with some more well known training concepts (SWOT analysis and Circles of Control and Influence) to map what they built

The Results

  • We met all the objectives set out by the client
  • We had full involvement from all participants throughout the whole day
  • Although there were some difficult «crucial conversations», participants enjoyed the experience
  • By the end of the day, the team had a full understanding of how they performed and how they could improve
  • An improvement in the sense of «team spirit» was noticeable by the end of the workshop, and even more so two weeks later at a follow up meeting.

The following phrase came up during the workshop and captures very well the overall result: “we are much more a team than I thought we were”

Lego Serious Play works!

Pensando con las manos con Lego Serious Play


Considiom, Madrid.


Case Study LEGO SERIOUS PLAY – Banking

Case study illustrating the use of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method courtesy of Robert Rasmussen:

«Banking / New Initiative Launch

A US bank planned to strengthen their core business  by launching a new retail business development strategy.

Historically, the managers responsible for the new launch had resisted business strategies handed down from the top.  The initiative would require the regional branch managers to assume new responsibilities and to work together as a team.  Geographically dispersed, they had little reason to interact on a regular basis.  Instead of functioning like a team, they operated like a group of individuals who occasionally work together.

Working in close partnership with the program sponsor, a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY team building workshop was designed to help the branch managers develop a deeper understanding of each other and how, together, they could advance the new retail business development strategy. In the words of the retail operations leader, “The entire team now has a better understanding of the team’s goal and each person’s value to the journey of reaching the goal.  Everybody was completely exhausted at the end of the day – exhausted after a good day of teamwork!”

Lasting results followed.  The branch mangers came together as a team, discovered each other’s strengths and how to work together.  The retail strategy has been in place for over five years.  The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY process was so successful that it is now integrated in the bank’s business planning process.»

 What can Lego Serious Play do for your company?