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Lego Serious Play Ideas for Events Considiom

Unfortunately, during my  20 minute presentation on Lego Serious Play at Event Innovation Summit,  I didn’t have time to brainstorm possible uses of Lego Serious Play (LSP) at events with the participants. I was however asked the question, so I had some pending homework!

Attached my initial mind map – and because my handwriting is impossible to read – below the initial ideas.

Can you think of more?


  • Stand built from Lego
  • Have a Lego table with lots of lose bricks simply so people approach, touch and build
  • Have LSP sessions on view – adults building with Lego attract attention!
  • Distribute bricks and have the clients visit your stand to build something. More = Bigger
  • Charity link-up and bricks go to a special school after
  • Lose bricks around the event with return to stand messages
  • Brick trails on the floor
  • ?

Clients/Visitor Interaction:

  • Event design at briefing stage
  • Stand design inspiration
  • Client interviews at the event
  • One to one sessions with clients
  • Send challenge to clients before event
  • Joint analysis of problem with a group of clients
  • Creativity challenges – visitors make something different from same bricks
  • ?

Large Group Talks:

  • Motivate sales teams building their best pitches
  • Creativity talks via LSP to inspire alternative thinking
  • Mass networking between random participants at a table
  • Business Speed Networking using LSP
  • Have children present models responding to business questions for alternative insights
  • Have all speakers present a model representing their core theme
  • Tailor-made LSP sessions to fit core theme via building
  • ?


  • Build model of your needs / interests and key words and leave it in central area with your business card
  • Sort participants by speciality, distribute colours accordingly and call random (or agreed) combinations
  • Have a Lego “fiddle” table with an LSP facilitator to casually kick off sessions
  • Get participants to treat a common problem and get to a final group model
  • ?

Client Specific:

  • Speed coaching
  • Open criticism / feedback sessions
  • Brainstorming en masse
  • New strategy design
  • Team ID
  • Team DAFO
  • Aligning individual objectives in one group objective
  • Inter-departmental coaching / feedback
  • One to one rotating coaching
  • Designing new processes and structures
  • Break up boring technical training days with specific LSP slots
  • ?

Considiom, Madrid.


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Madrid, Espana

Following the success of our presentation of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® at the Event Innovation Summit, we are happy to announce that we will be present at EIBTM in Barcelona on the 27th and  28th of November.

Once again we will play, and hands-on we will show you how and why the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology works and what it can do for your meetings and events.

In two separate sessions (60 minutes and 30 minutes), using specifically chosen bricks, we will explore the methodology and see how it inspires creative thinking, how it involves all the participants and how it can be adapted to a multitude of situations (teambuilding, aligning objectives, creativity sessions, conflict resolution, feedback, brainstorming etc…)

Be ready to play!

Date/Time: 27 Nov 2012 14:30-15:30

Date/Time: 28 Nov 2012 14:00-14:30

If you want to us to give you a more personalised demo outside of these times, just let us know: info@considiom.com

EIBTM is the leading global event for the meetings, incentives, events and business travel industry, held in the vibrant business and tourism destination of Barcelona. Part of the IBTM Portfolio, the event delivers three days of focused access to a dynamic business environment, thought provoking professional education and business networks for all attendees. The Hosted Buyer Programme attracts senior level buyers placing international business with suppliers from across the globe.

Considiom, Madrid.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® + Event Innovation Summit Barcelona 2012

Lego Serious Play Madrid

El día 23 de octubre, tenemos el placer y estar presentes en el Event Innovation Summit 2012 en Barcelona. Tendrá lugar en el Hotel Barceló Sants y las 17:30 te invitaremos a jugar y conocer a la metodología Lego Serious Play.

On the 23rd of October we have will have the pleasure of being at the Event Innovation Summit in Barcelona. It will take place in the Hotel Barceló Sants and at 17:30 we will invite you to play and learn more about Lego Serious Play.

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